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Karees brown is a singer/ songwriter /vocal producer from from Chicago, IL.  Her music is both soothing amd uplifting.   Karees’ goal is to create music that shares the heart og God with his people, resulting in healing and inspiration.  Her vision is for her music to cross denominational and geographical barriers and be a vessel used to help heal people's souls.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Karees has been singing ever since her parents could remember.  They would often tell the story of her singing a song called “One in a Million”, ON PITCH, when she was still in pampers!  Her first professional experience was with the World Renowned Walt Whitman & the Soul Children of Chicago.  This youth choir allowed her to travel around the world, singing at the White House as a child, sharing the stage with David Foster, Stevie Wonder, Smokie Robinson, Celine Dion, Yolanda Adams, etc.  


Karees' talent was shaped and honed more and more as she began to become heavily involved in every music and arts program offered during grade school and high school.  If there was a choir, band, or orchestra around, Karees was in it, and was usually principal clarinetist or vocalist, even sitting first chair in the community’s Southwest Symphony Orchestra.  She was afforded the opportunity to travel overseas to Europe with her high school band and choir.  Her parents exposed her to many arts programs, explaining why she is so versatile and eclectic in her writing, vocal, and social abilities today.


As a teen, Karees began to develop her vocal producing and songwriting skills after she met and befriended Kanye West during a local competition.  He recognized her talents on a school bus ride and complimented her sining abilities.  The two began to frequently work together in the studio for several of his hip hop projects.   She and her friends later formed their own female vocal group called SEVEN .  Karees went on to write and vocal produce for artists like, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, and the late Ramsey Lewis. She currently works with Todd Dulaney of Dulaneyland Music.